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                                                         Fredericton Permachats groups Learning about Knowlesville Community Landtrust

                                                                                                         on field trip in Nov. 2019 Photo: Adam Weaver


Since 2018 our network serves to connect seasoned and budding permaculture practitioners in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island.

Our goal is to help people to share knowledge, resources and build community around permaculture ethics and principles in Atlantic Canada; for the creation of a more just, resilient and regenerative world. 

Check out our "Favourite Cousins" in the Directory to learn about what is happening in across the Maritimes, Quebec, Newfoundland and Maine.  

How to Engage with the Network:

  • Share us with your friends and family. That is how the network gets stronger!

  • Feel free to use the web forms to add yourself to our directory or to advertise your events.

  • If you would like to start a "Permachats" group in your area, we can help! Just send an email through the form below or to

  • We have a monthly newsletter that offers information on trainings, new groups and things relevant to life in Atlantic Canada. 

  • You can volunteer with us. Please send an email with the skill you are offering and we can talk more about opportunities. We can always use new contact people at the community level to help people organize and keep us up to date on events and happenings. 


Welcome to the Permaculture Atlantic Network

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