Who "We" Are

We are a group of people who find our passion in working the land, sea and forest, learning about appropriate technology, eating well and treating other folks and creatures well too. We see permaculture as a way forward.

How PAN came to be:

My name is Amy Floyd and I have been a permaculture practitioner and researcher for the past two years. I live in Southern New Brunswick and am trying to deepen my skills and meet more like-minded people to share my passion with. It was a challenge for me to take my first Permaculture Design Course as there are have not been regularly scheduled PDC's in my  province. After two summers of waiting, I was able to study in Nova Scotia. It is difficult for myself (and many of us) to travel out of province for training; but, even more than that...I want to train in my home province with people who I can continue to share my passion with. Thus the idea for Permaculture Atlantic was born. 

Permaculture matters to me because in New Brunswick we have only 1-5% of our old growth Acadian Forest remaining, we only grow around 8% of our own produce and our production driven forestry practices have put our forests in a state of environmental crisis. We have a small population that is still very rural and still very connected to the land, we have wonderful natural resources. We are already amazing and we have the potential to go so much further. I love living in Atlantic Canada and want us to prosper. 

At this time the network will not be charging membership fees and is not a charity or not-for-profit.

There is the potential for future growth, but as you will see below we will start off by simply sharing information.

Stay tuned for developments, you can register below to receive a monthly newsletter. You will generally not receive more than one email per month. 

What We Do:

  • Connect people together for peer to peer/ informal learning opportunities

  • Facilitate connections between permaculture teachers/ entrepreneurs and potential clients

  • Create a regional network that encourages face-to-face interaction and site visits

  • Share information relevant to our Atlantic climates and habitats

  • Offer an events calendar to share training, events and gatherings

  • Develop the network required to make permaculture mainstream in Atlantic Canada

Goals of the Permaculture Atlantic Network:

  1. To form a regional directory to connect people with common goals and interests in 2018

  2. To have deepen network connections with individuals and organizations in 2019. 

  3. To allow people to get 75% or more of the permaculture training that they want in the New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and to support any training and projects that happen in Newfoundland and Labrador - by 2023

If you would like to support the network as a volunteer please email Amy through the contact form below.

Assistance is needed for developing a database, project management, French translation and further developing the network. 


                                                                                 Happy Homesteading, 


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There is no fee to use the Permaculture Atlantic Network. This is a volunteer run website.

You can make a donation if you like, to pay for website hosting, printing and other administrative costs. Thanks!