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Who We Are

We are a group of people who find our passion in working the land, sea and forest in a way that is kind and respectful, learning about appropriate technology, eating well and treating other folks and creatures well too. We see permaculture as a way forward.




Fredericton Permachats member                                         Timber frame workshop at

Tshering Penjor learns to scythe at a permablitz                  North Mountain Permaculture 

How PAN came to be:


Back in 2016 it became apparent to Founder Amy Floyd that was going to be a challenge to take her first Permaculture Design Course. There had not been any regularly scheduled PDC's in the Maritimes. After two summers of waiting, she was finally able to take a course in Nova Scotia.


“It is difficult for myself (and many of us) to travel out of province for training; but, even more than that...I wanted to train in my home province with people who I can continue to easily share resources with regularly. That frustration about the lack of connection is where the idea for Permaculture Atlantic Network came from. It was really about constructive problem solving.” – Amy Floyd


In 2019 the first Permachat (learning and work group) formed in Fredericton, New Brunswick. In Nova Scotia the Good Cheer Self-Sufficiency Society was getting up and running near Port Royal.


By now there are so many more groups plugged into wider networks and offering tours and training. The hyper local approach to learning and social connection has proven to be the most enriching and useful. We hope to see more such groups form, and we can help you to get started.

As Maritimers, we have wonderful natural resources and a great sense of resilience. We have a small population that is still very rural and still very connected to the land and we have a growing urban and school gardening movement too. We are already amazing and we have the potential to go so much further! 

Our financial model and donations

At this time the network will not be charging membership fees.

We are not a charity or not-for-profit.


We are a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that receives small donations from a handful of dedicated supporters. These donations fund the website and advertising fees.


If you would like to help cover costs and allow us to offer more events and trainings, you can support by clicking the donate button below.

We may solicit for donations once a year through our newsletter. If you are being emailed directly for donations or asked for a credit card number, do not provide it and please contact us immediately. We would never ask that of our supporters.


Our structure

PAN remains a grassroots organization so that it can continue indefinitely, without fear of losing funding or being driven by the personal preferences of board members.


From 2018 – 2021 Amy Floyd created and ran the network from New Brunswick. In 2021 it was no longer possible for her to continue as administrator and Megan Ashworth Hartlen, of Nova Scotia took over that role.


Each new administrator brings with them a personal network and a unique set of perspectives and resources. By using this “hand over” method, we think the network should be able to run indefinitely, grow over time and all without any significant amount of funding.


What We Do:

·     Connect people together for peer to peer/ informal learning opportunities

·     Facilitate connections between permaculture teachers/ entrepreneurs and potential clients

·     Create a regional network that encourages face-to-face interaction and site visits

·     Share information relevant to our Atlantic climates and habitats for people thinking about moving here.

·     Offer an events calendar to share training, events and gatherings and a newsletter.

·     Develop the network required to make permaculture mainstream in Atlantic Canada

Goals of the Permaculture Atlantic Network:

1.    To form a regional directory to connect people with common goals and interests

2.    To deepen network connections with individuals and organizations

3.    To start as many local “Permachats” groups as possible.

4.    To allow people to get 50% or more of the permaculture training that they want in the New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

                  Amy Floyd, PAN Founder                                             Megan Ashworth Hartlen, current Administrator

Permablitz Tshering Scything at Longards
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