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PDC Teachers...Where are You?

We have so many people ready to learn more!

If you:

  • Practice Permaculture Principles,

  • Have a knack for Design,

  • Possess some honest to goodness Hands-on Skills and

  • Can share time-tested Methods,

then would love to connect with you.

It would be excellent to organize a 2019 training for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. Both a weekend series and a ten day intensive course would be great to reach as many people as possible. If you are running a training, please feel free to add to our events page. If you are interested in having assistance coordinating your training, please email below and send along a copy of your resume.


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1 Comment

Jul 07, 2018

Yes, lets organize one! I am teaching a multi weekend PDC at the Deanery 2018 and another 2019, along with a 10 day intensive at Tatamagouch Center 2018. Let do another in PEI or New Brunswick.


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